The two basic concepts of Newly Slim are:

  • It fills your stomach up halfway (with only 9 calories a meal) before you eat so that you eat half the food. Half the food is half the calories. If you eat half the calories you have to lose weight.
  • Since you are filled up on half the food, you lose weight without being hungry. Hunger is the biggest problem that people have with losing weight. We have solved that problem.

In addition:

  • Newly Slim is very flexible. You can use it as a pre-meal drink (and then eat half the food), a total meal replacement or as a snack or dessert.
  • Newly Slim works on every age and sex.
  • Regardless of the person, fewer calories equals lower weight.
  • You can even use it when you go out to eat.
  • There is a coaching element in our system that ensures that you succeed and that program is free.

There are a number of alternative products for losing weight. They include:

  • Liquid Meal Replacements – People like to chew food. They like the mouth feel, flavor and aroma that only come from chewing food. People also get very bored with the same old liquid meal replacement flavors. They want a lot more variety. Using liquid meal replacements does not work long term because of these facts. If a diet approach does not work long term, what is the point? You are simply going to gain the weight back when you go back to normal food. Newly Slim lets you eat (chew) the foods that you like, which gives you all of the variety and flavor that you naturally desire.
  • Prepackaged Meals. They do this to decrease the calories that you are eating. This does work for a while but most people eventually give up on this approach for the following reasons:
    • The prepackaged meals don’t taste very good. This is very important.
    • There is a limited number of possible meals. After a while, it is like “I want something different!”. It is part of being human. We like variety.
    • The prepackaged meals are quite expensive. How long can you afford to pay for this stuff before you quit?
  • There are diet products that contain high levels of caffeine and other powerful drugs. These diet products tend to give you a feeling of being “buzzed”. What do you think this will do to your body over a period of years? Will they lead to a heart attack or cancer someday? Who wants to take that kind of unknown risk? Newly Slim is made from vegetables that humans have been eating for 600 to 10,000 years. There is no risk for anyone in reasonable health. Which would you prefer to use on the only body you have?

The cost of diet products is high. Some of these programs run up to $1,000. per person per month. Even the less expensive diet products are not cheap. People are so desperate that they will spend a lot of money to lose weight. Newly Slim only costs $123 a month. That is only few dollars a day. It does not get any cheaper than that.

But actually, Newly Slim costs you nothing. The reason is that, when you buy half of the food that you normally purchase, you are saving far more in food costs per month than Newly Slim costs you. How about that, a FREE diet program that is extremely effective.

Once you get down to your target weight, it is very easy to maintain your weight. If you gain a few pounds from a great meal, you just go back on the Newly Slim program (having stopped taking it once you previously got down to your goal weight) and you will drop that weight in a few days. Then, stop taking Newly Slim until you overeat again in the future. You now have a powerful tool that enables you to totally control your weight and it is not hard to do! You can maintain your goal weight for the rest of your life. You don’t have to resign yourself to being overweight for the rest of your days.

Some people lose 10 pounds and some lose 40 pounds per month. The average person loses around 20 pounds per month.

The big picture is that Newly Slim is a new category of weight loss product that actually works for the vast majority of people, has no negative side effects and is inexpensive. It is the ultimate weight-loss solution!

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