In order to optimize your ability to lose weight, there are certain approaches that we have found that are very helpful. If you follow these tips, you will ensure that your weight loss process is successful. These tips include the following:

Weigh yourself first thing every morning & write down the results. The reason that you want to do this is that this is very motivating.  Seeing your weight drop day after day gives you solid proof that Newly Slim is working for you. This motivates you to use the product when you don’t feel like using it and to continue your weight loss efforts. This is not a minor detail, it is very important.

For example, if you gained a pound since yesterday, you can go over what you ate and drank yesterday and figure out what caused the increase. Then you can change that behavior. It works in the other direction also. If you lost 2 pounds yesterday, you can think about what you ate and drank yesterday and now you know what really works for you. If you don’t weigh yourself every day, you simply don’t know what works and what does not work for you.

If, instead of weighing yourself daily, you wait to see if your clothes get looser on you, you will be making a big mistake. The clothes approach means that you have no ability to get feedback from your body on what you did correctly or incorrectly yesterday. You won’t notice changes in how your clothes fit on a day-to-day basis because it takes much longer than a day to see changes in how your clothes fit. It is as if you were driving with your eyes covered and just hoping for the best. You need daily feedback to enable you to make the right eating and drinking decisions for your particular body.

Weigh yourself when you are naked and have not eaten or drunk anything yet (including water). If you don’t have a working scale, get one. They are inexpensive. Then, write down the weight for that morning in a little pad, using the following format, reading from left to right:

  • Today’s date
  • Amount of weight lost or gained according to this morning’s scale reading (compared to yesterday morning’s scale reading) actual weight. So, if you lost a pound according to this morning’s scale reading, you would put down “-1.0”. If you gained half a pound, you would put down “+.5”.
  • Total weight this morning

Using this format, you can quickly see how your weight loss is going and how much total weight you lost. It is very motivating.

If you are at home, a blender or a shaker bottle will do the best job of mixing Newly Slim with a liquid. When you are away from home a shaker bottle will do the best job of mixing.

When you purchase Newly Slim powder, you can keep yourself more motivated to use it if you purchase both flavors. Sometimes, it gets a little boring using the same flavor several times a day. Having both flavors available gives you more variety, which motivates you to use our product regularly. The more consistent you are in using Newly Slim, the quicker the weight will come off. Over time, you will end up spending the same amount of money, it will just be less boring.

When you measure out the Newly Slim powder, use a measuring teaspoon, not a teaspoon that is used for eating. Eating-type teaspoons are not accurate measuring devices. You can use too little or too much Newly Slim when you use an eating-style teaspoon. Also, use a measuring cup, not a drinking-style cup, for measuring liquids, for the same reason.

Drink the mixture immediately after mixing it. If you wait even a little bit, it will start to gel and will be difficult to drink. This fast gelling characteristic is a good thing because it enables you to not have to wait a long time before eating a meal or snack after taking Newly Slim. The Newly Slim drink is not meant to be a regular liquid that you drink along with your meal or snack. It is meant to be drunk by itself before the meal or snack.

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