A “Referrer” is someone who refers other people to use Newly Slim.

There are two main reasons to become a Referrer, to help other people to lose weight and to increase your income.

A lot of people would like to increase their income by selling some kind of product, but most people are not strong salespeople. The problem is that, unless a product is unusually salable, a non-salesperson will not be able to sell it. Attractive packaging and a great story are not enough, you need to be able to personally sell.



However, Newly Slim is the exception to this rule. Here’s why:

Prospects Will Come to You, You Don’t Have to Pursue Them

The average prospect has tried a number of weight loss approaches and they have all failed. So, when they see that you have successfully lost weight, they will approach you to find out how in the world you did that. Those prospects do not have an effective alternative to Newly Slim.

They will want to purchase whatever it is that worked for you. You are living, walking proof that Newly Slim works.

People do not just dislike being overweight, they hate, hate, hate it. So, there are very strong emotional reasons for them to be unusually open to a product that solves that particular problem for them.

The Store Competition

The average person would normally prefer to purchase a product from a local or online store instead a friend, for a number of reasons.

But, if that product is not available in a local or online store, people will buy it from a friend or contact.

Newly Slim is not currently sold in local or online stores and will not be sold in those sources in the future. We want our referrers to not have to compete with stores. However, it will probably be sold by doctors and other specialized sources, just so you know. This means that the level of competition to your personal sales is extremely low.

The Size of Market

74% of Americans are overweight. 40% of Americans are obese. Both of these numbers are rapidly rising. You have a huge marketplace to sell to.

The Ingredients

There is very strong interest in the market in products that are made with safe ingredients. People will pay more for that kind of product. Newly Slim is made from 100% vegetables that humans have been eating for 600 to 10,000 years. It does not get any safer than that.

Fast & Permanent Weight Loss

Our average client loses 20 pounds per month, safely. This is far faster than the alternatives. Also, once they lose the weight, it is very easy to maintain the weight loss.

Low Price

Newly Slim works by filling you up so that you only eat half of the food that you normally eat. That means that you purchase half of the food that you normally buy. The average person saves $130. per month on their food bill with is far more than Newly Slim costs. The end result is that Newly Slim ends up costing the client NOTHING.

Unique Support

Knowledgeable staff at Peak Health Labs will attempt to contact each of your clients multiple times to ensure that our products are working for that individual. Also, our firm will contact your clients at the appropriate time to talk to them about becoming Referrers themselves. It is extremely unusual, if not totally unique, for the supplier of the product to support their Referrers in this manner. It means that you can spend far less of your precious time supporting your sales and more time making additional sales. There is no charge for these services to Referrers.

Substantial Commissions

Not only will you make commissions on the sales that you make to your direct contacts, you will receive commissions on the sales that your referral group makes to their contacts also, down a total of 6 levels. Your referral group will be making sales for you when you are sleeping and on vacation, etc. You can create a very substantial income here.

The Bottom Line

Newly Slim is the first weight loss product that actually works for the average person. That makes it one of the most salable products on earth. This means that it will be easy for you and your referral group to sell. And our unique support program means that you can focus your time on sales instead of support.

Create Your Personal Website

To easily and quickly (takes about 2 minutes) create your personal website where your friends can come to purchase Newly Slim, click HERE. This step will enable us to pay you for all of the people who purchase Newly Slim based on your original referrals and their subsequent referrals.

Click HERE to purchase products.